I like any strapless heart rate monitor with GPS because it is convenient and easy to use. The difference between that and the one that has chest strap is its comfort. A heart rate monitor without strap is good because its band is more often than not wide and soft, and it provides several holes to suit wrists of any sizes. I can use it anywhere I want to from the wrist to the arm, unlike a heart rate monitor with chest strap. Usually, that kind of monitor fits on the wrist well compared to the one with strap.

One of the most renowned brands when it comes to heart rate monitors GPS without strap is the ALPHA. The brand gives the first ever known strapless heart rate GPS monitors. They are proven and tested effective as well as accurate even when you are running at a fast pace up to 12 mph (20 km/h). Before, the most beneficial way to getting an exact heart rate was to wear one that has chest strap, but now the strapless heart rate monitor is tremendously different. You can wear it around your wrist, forearm, or arm and it is still going to work, detecting your heart rate continuously while exercising.

Now, all hear rate monitors are technologically advanced. They now built with GPS, speed, pace, and distance. With GPS, I will be able to access the tracking speed. Most heart rate monitors already have their own tracking apps. These are beneficial because if you run at a place unknown to you, you will be carefree because its tracking speed will help you get on your way to and fro. Just access the app and look for the best route to run.

On top of that, the pace, speed, as well as distance will give you accurate measurements of how long you have ran, what pace you have been getting, and what distance you have been going. These can be accessed in a heart rate monitor with GPS. What’s more, there is this so-called built-in bluetooth connectivity that you can get from a heart rate GPS monitor. Just turn it on and you can now link it to any compatible mobile devices. You can either update or download apps from the Internet to your heart rate monitor with GPS.

These are the reasons why I choose a strapless heart rate GPS monitor compared to one that has a chest strap. With chest strap, you will only get fewer features, and the most drawback of it is its discomfort because you can only wear it on your chest.

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