yoga poseWhen I started yoga exercise, I was using a yoga mat that did not really help me get the experience I expected. It was slippery and I never felt relaxed as I expected after yoga exercise. I would finish the exercise feeling pain on my lower knees, back and the area around my ankle. But since I had just started practicing yoga a few months ago, I would not have realized that this was actually a problem. I only thought that these are the normal feelings of a beginner!

I practiced yoga on this mat for more than six months but the pain and the sliding never ceased. I decided to try it again for few more months but the problem persisted. I couldn’t take it any more! On my eighth month, I decided to stop the exercise. I needed to get advice from a yoga expert or a person who is well acquainted with the exercise. I wanted to know why I was sliding on the mat and why I was always feeling persistent pain on my legs and back. And why I felt no relaxation.

My high school friend, Julia, who lives in another town, was the one who really encouraged me back to the exercise. Although we didn’t usually see each other, we wouldn’t go for days without chatting through the social media. One day I brought up the yoga topic; and that is when she told me that she has been practicing yoga for more than 5 years. No wonder she still looked younger, energetic and flexible! Unlike me, she did not jump into practicing without doing her own research.

I told her my experience; how I was feeling pain on my legs, back and how I would slide in the middle of trying a new style. “Wrong mat!” she exclaimed. She advised me to look for a thicker mat. She explained to me how a particular extra thick yoga mat review helped her make an informed decision and also advised me to always consider reading various reviews before purchasing anything. She also told me that sliding may occur when you are using a new mat but it later acquires a slip-free surface when you continue using it. She however told me to pass my new mat through a washing machine and to always have a towel with me whenever I am practicing to increase friction.

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